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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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mazi abe

I am Mazi Abe Idris, the resident beer parlour politician. A lot of my wisdom was gleaned from the bottom of a beer bottle but that does not make it any less valid. Buhari, Dino Melaye and Mama Fela (my long-suffering wife) will all be discussed with the same amount of sense and sensibility.

mazi abe’s side: The reality behind the falling naira

♫ Whether you like or you no like, after your hear this true talk ♫ - Fela Kuti. All this shouting about Naira falling, Naira 350 to Dollar blah blah blah...it's just panic noise. I admit I...
closing down sale

mazi abe’s side: the allure of the Closing Down Sale

Yesterday, I attended the opening ceremony of my friend's designer clothes shop in Wembley, North London. Short but swank cocktail do, with a few celebs popping in and the whole atmosphere showed promising patronage and...
mazi abe Buhari Nigerian politicians scandal

mazi abe’s side: this season of scandals – entertainment galore

For a common Satire Humorist like myself, Mazi abe, the past few months have been harvest times. I have never had so much content and material thrown my way. Oh my cup full and runneth...

mazi abe’s side: “Aso Rock budgets ₦1.7bn for food” – and so therefore??

"ASO ROCK BUDGETS 1.7 BILLION* NAIRA FOR FOOD" So therefore nko ? Look, I just woke up from another Guinness induced sleep, so I don't have time for any ràdà ràdà political speech this morning. So...

mazi abe’s side: Baba Yewande says he knew Buhari was lying about Jonathan

BABA YEWANDE : "BUHARI KNEW THE EVIL JONATHAN WAS DOING, BUT HE HAD TO LIE....." Since March 28th, after the handover of Jonathan's Government to Buhari, it seems the lot of the average Nigerian has...
Cabinet at Canada

Buhari how far na? Canada shows the world how to govern with their amazing...

Canada has always been impressive: given their location, it could be so easy for them to suffer on a daily basis with the outpouring of the general rage and disruption that is America, and...

mazi abe’s side: Like father like son – what goes around comes around?

Friday Reminiscing HMMMMMMMMMM, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND ? I remember when Alhaja will be reporting one of my many escapades to her mum, my grandmother, Mòmò gbòbûro. "Aaaah màami, don't beg for him o! This boy...
internet troll

mazi abe’s side: I miss the election period and Facebook wahala

I MISS THE ELECTION PERIOD........ Aaaaaaaaah, I miss that last election period on Facebook o! I showed those GEJ supporters pepper, wallahi! Sometimes I will get into a heated argument with some brother, hot exchanges back and...
Gaddafi Saddam Hussein

mazi abe’s side: TERRORISM – Saddam & Gaddafi: Should the West have killed them?

TERRORISM: Saddam & Gaddafi. WITH HINDSIGHT, SHOULD THE WEST HAVE KILLED THEM ? Yes, they were brutal dictators, but they understood the dynamics of their people and the Islamic religion. Any hints of extremism were bayoneted into...
mazi abes corner - final

mazi abe’s side: Joseph the dreamer

I dey for bus jejely, minding my own business. Then I received a text from Mòmò Fela. "Darling, where are you ? I dey bus H98. Day dreaming. "Okay. My darling husband, I had a bad dream last...