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I am Mazi Abe Idris, the resident beer parlour politician. A lot of my wisdom was gleaned from the bottom of a beer bottle but that does not make it any less valid. Buhari, Dino Melaye and Mama Fela (my long-suffering wife) will all be discussed with the same amount of sense and sensibility.

mazi abe’s side: Breaking News: Thank God, MTN Fined $5.2 Billion!!

At first glance, I went "Wow, at last". Then I read the fine print and realised that NCC, the regulating body for Telecommunications, only fined them for non-compliance on the Sim Card deactivation directive. So where...
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mazi abe’s side: Cunny Man Die; Cunny Man Bury Am (Part 2)

CUNNY MAN DIE, CUNNY MAN BURY AM......(part 2) The opposition party, PDP, have been shouting from the rooftop that Buhari's fight against corruption is one-sided and witch hunting. Even the Civil Societies and eminent Nigerians have...
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mazi abe’s side: After 40 years, it is now legal to have more than...

BREAKING NEWS : AFTER 40 YEARS, IT IS NOW LEGAL TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHILD IN CHINA "It is good for Growth" says The International Monetary Fund. I almost choked on my ogi and ákárá as...
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mazi abe’s corner: Barka de Sallah – Runaway Ram and Miniskirt Story

"Alao òkò mi, please I am going out and you are the only one at home, look after the house o," Alhaja intoned for the third time. "Yes mummy," I answered. "Please make sure all the...
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mazi abe’s corner: Iyabò Onigbin (Iyabo the Snail Seller) and my Jamaican Girl

Dateline: Dec 1989 I had been in England for the whole of 9 months without a taste of any correct peppered food. The nearest I had tasted that could be compared to Alhaja's soup was...
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mazi abe’s corner: Back in London; First Day of Driving

After eight weeks of near suicidal and maniacal driving on the streets of the Atlantic City of Eko ilê, I was already bored and irritated the way Mòmò Fela was stopping at every traffic...
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mazi abe’s corner: Lagos Driving in London

LAGOS DRIVING IN LONDON........ I was running very late for a meeting this morning, so I decided to give them some serious Lagos driving. With my hand permanently on the horn, I was taking bends faster...
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mazi abe’s side: Federal Character, Buhari And Mrs Idris

 I think I am suffering from a psychological condition called Naijatiansis. I love Nigeria so much, my dreams every night will not be complete if something about Nigeria does not feature. It is either...
The Marriage

mazi abe’s corner: Buhari’s Ministerial Appointments – The Bride, The Groom and the Constitution

The new bride waits eagerly in the bridal room for the groom to arrive and consummate the marriage. At the ripe age of 55, she is not exactly a spring chicken, but nervous all...
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mazi abe’s corner: Quest For The Golden Grail: Silverspoon vs Omo’rogun

One came into the world with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. The other needed a sharp crack of the local midwife's omo'rogun to elicit the first baby cry ; he was that...