Some epic posts from the #MemeHistory Twitter hashtag

#MemeHistory Feature

The Naija Twitterati are hands down the citizens of the best Twitter community out there and the new trending hashtag, #MemeHistory is further proof of that!

When you do wrong, they will drag you through filth and back again. Our mouths are never on strike and nobody can make you think of your life more profoundly than the person who can put an insult into 140 words or less. Just ask Linda Ikeji.

When you do well, they will lift you, praise you, maybe tease you a little, but you will certainly feel like a gee by the time they’re done. Olajumoke oni bread is proof as is Ayodele Dada.

But humour? Humour?! That’s where Nigerians really come into their own. Part coping strategy, part innate madness, we are all walking comedians in our own way, and there is nowhere this is more visible than the bite-sized world of Twitter. #MemeHistory is a hashtag showing the very best of memes and what they would have said if they were showing something back in the day.

A lot of them are biblical, so they might not have meaning to some people, but they’re ALL hilarious, trust me! Read and laugh! (Quietly o, oga thinks you’re working! Don’t call Viva Naija’s name if they catch you o. Actually, yeah, call our name. Oga too needs to laugh 😆 )


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