Other Facebook reactions Nigerians desperately need from Mark Zuckerberg! 😂


Thanks so much to Mark Zuckerberg for the new Facebook “thankful” 🌸button. Facebook reactionS buttons make self expression so much easier!

Beht…erm…here are some suggestions for additional buttons:

1. We need the YINMU button as a matter of urgency. For those who post what they don’t mean and should not be taken seriously. Eg, “I feel like eating ten buckets of Cold Stone!”

2. We dearly need the TUEH! and TUFIAKWA! buttons for all those Smellos who post disgusting statements such as “rape is caused by indecent dressing”. In fact Double Tueh!!

3. Ah, you will agree with me that the GERRARAHIA and maybe even YOUR FADA! button is long overdue for posters of “Buhari till 2019” and their type.

4. Mark, biko bless us with the SMH button for those who upload filtered pictures and still claim, “No makeup day!”, “Slay queens of life”.

5. Zukky nwannem, also try add the PEPPERDEM GANG button for us when we upload pics of our new cars even after sack from work.  😆  😆

6. See if you can also squeeze in the NTOOR 😛 button to gift those who post stuff like “Ponzi scheme don finish me” and “They warned me to leave married men but I refused!” etc.

7. Above all, the WTF and WTH buttons will do just fine for posters of “Send this to 100 people in 10 mins or get bad luck for 10 years”. Actually, sorry Zukky, make that the BACK TO SENDER button!

Una well done o!🤣🤣🤣

 Originally seen on Facebook.

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