Letter to Nkechi Bianze in defence of the community penis and male infidelity


Sympathy for the Community Penis is what We Plead!

Dear Nkechi….sorry, aunty Nkechi,

This letter is in response to the wicked, wicked thing you did on Facebook a few days ago.

Haba, aunty, why are you this wicked?? After all, it is not the men’s fault that their penis chooses to have a life of its own? See ehn, even the Bible said that we should stone a cheating woman but did not say anything about the cheating man. The man is the constituted authority! He alone has a right to be putting the family at risk of HIV; he alone has a right to go and collect staphylococcus from outside; plus bring pregnancy from outside. We are not pleading with you again sef! See, we know our rights! Our penis is for the community!

Think of the community, all the women that are out there with no one to sleep with. She oo loju aanu ni? Don’t you have eyes of compassion? In fact, you are evil! How can you be advising a woman to cheat when are husband cheats?? Do you want to break their homes?! Can’t you see that men will divorce their wives and start marrying their concubines? I mean….more than they already do!

Look around you, aunty Nkechi! Divorce rate is increasing all because of you. If you can just advise the women to endure; tell them to watch “War Room” after their community penis comes back from the market. Everything can be endured on the altar of prayer. Please tell our women to understand that it is God that made man that way, so the prayer cannot change anything. Just please tell them to pray for spirit of understanding and patience, not spirit of change.

It is not the man’s fault na; it is in our nature to cheat. God made man with a cheating DNA but he did not put it inside the woman. Even if we want to be responsible the penis can provoke all kain tinz oooo. Ordinary smell of another woman and the thing e yaff stand, but you know women don’t have anything that can stand. That tiny one they have used to be removed before, our ancestors were wise ooo. Kai, see this life o! If possible, we would remove everything that can stand on the woman’s body; only that she has to breastfeed our children.

I know you will understand, I know you are such a wonderful woman. Please ehn, kindly tell our wives to come back home and allow us go out. Thank you.

LOL! Genetics 101!

See Anatomy lesson on top women too should cheat . Many capital letters and wetin-call!

All on top of infidelity o!

The above letter is written from the aggrieved community of foolish African Men to Nkechi Bianze (one of our authors), who dared to defy societal norms and claimed that any woman too can cheat if her husband cheats. Personally as I read through the posts and comments, I practically felt my IQ drop. I felt mentally raped, ashamed to be a man. To see humans who claim to be married men defending a philandering lifestyle because “Old Testament” or because “women are not made to cheat”.

I add my voice in solidarity, any man who wants to cheat should marry a woman who also can and will cheat. It is only fair that STDs, unwanted pregnancy and heartache should be equally distributed.

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