mazi abe’s corner: Lagos Driving in London



I was running very late for a meeting this morning, so I decided to give them some serious Lagos driving.

With my hand permanently on the horn, I was taking bends faster than Saraki can negotiate a plea bargain.

I showed those London drivers how not to waste pedestrian pavements in traffic.

“Lunatic!! Crazy bastard!” startled drivers and pedestrians shouted at me, waving their fists angrily as I missed a corporate Okada rider by whiskers.

mazi abe’s inspiration.

“You need a psychiatrist, you bastard!” he screamed, looking terrified.

“Yes indeed, I am from Lagos!!” I yelled backed, beginning to enjoy myself.

As I screeched to a stop in front of my meeting venue, I felt proud of my Oluwole driver’s license and how I wish I had a Nigerian flag stuck on my bonnet. Eko o ni bàjè

“Taofeek would have been proud of me,” I mused to myself as I climbed the final stairs to the hall.

“Sorry Mr Idris, the meeting has been postponed “.

Gobe. Original.

Mazi abe “speedie” idris © 2015

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