Sitting in UK jejely! US presidential race now between Trump and Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

There’s nothing that we can beg America to do that they will do. Don’t do slave trade, for where? Don’t be randomly killing black people on the street, who sai? Don’t vote Bush. Twice. It’s that one that they knew how to to do very well. Now they have given us very poor choices indeed in the upcoming presidential elections – offering Donald Trump as the Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic side.

Donald Trump

While I cannot abide Trump (there are at least three posts on this blog alone alluding to this – I believe he is an omni-shambles of a man), I still think he is a lesser evil than Ted Cruz. Give me a bumbling buffoon over a raging psychopath any day of the week.

©Reuters|Hillary Clinton

Ms Clinton, I don’t trust her completely. I think she’s a career politician who will say the right thing at the right time but is more than capable of ruthless, unpopular and sometimes brutal decisions. I get the feeling that her ambition supersedes her love for her nation. Or indeed her moral compass.

Between Trump and Clinton, neither of them instil me with confidence. After eight years of the Obama “Yes, we can!” attitude, these elections just feel lacklustre and evoke the feeling of being caught between a rock and an orange, spineless place. Which wouldn’t matter if we were talking about a country on the outer regions of any other continent, but this is America, and the decisions of the occupant of the number one seat in that country will, to a large extent, affect the way the world turns for the next few years.

Terrorism, global unrest, climate change issues, corruption and crime are entirely too high for Americans to be as reckless with their votes as they have been this far. This isn’t Season 9 of The Bachelor. Get your act together, Yanks!

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