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The rise in divorce rates is a positive thing

The rise in the rate of divorce in Nigeria is a VERY POSITIVE thing. We should be celebrating the end of toxic marriages. You...

Don’t chase money and lose what really matters

Chasing money My friend, a Ghanaian came to visit me yesterday. He was married in Ghana with two children, but got divorced shortly before he...

Lollipops and your kid

I like that those five or ten-shillings lollipops are a quick and welcome alternative when you go with your child to a shop and...

Before you become a mother

Motherhood Before you become a Mother, think and plan carefully. Unless you become a mother by "accident," I'm of the opinion that motherhood should be a...

A good father

A good father I have just watched a video of a little girl (She should be between 1-2years old). She was hyper excited and almost...

A parenting anecdote: The rigors of getting a child to sleep

Some children will drop asleep right at the spot where sleep will overpower them, and you will only need to carry them to bed....

Hitting kids should be banned

Hitting kids I believe that what most of our parents did was child abuse not discipline You will say but "that is why you are strong."...

Let us raise bold and daring girls

Bold and daring girls We usually say we raise our daughters better than we do our sons. I beg to differ. I know in Nigeria we put...

10 Parenting mistakes we should avoid

Parenting is challenging, no doubt, but, it can also be fun with a multitude of tested tips and cut-through counsels,  in which there's safety. Many...


I have four wonderful brothers so I cannot accept that #menaretrash. These boys are not wonderful just because they're my brothers but because they were...