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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Woman, thou art Mighty

Woman, you are mighty. You are strong They say you are weak and foolish. They are wrong The stress you work through and the shit you...

Man go and learn how to lead

"The problem is most men weren't taught how to lead." - Peace David How many times have I said this to you guys? Don't assume you...

A lesson to husbands about their wives – what do you...

FOR ALL COUPLES COPIED INFO ::::FOR COUPLES::::PLEASE READ AND DIGEST My name is Dayo. I’m a typical Nigerian guy and I cherish my Fridays a lot;...

Unfaithfulness: the treachery of the side chick

Unfaithfulness in relationships and marriage, will always be a bad thing - Christian or not. It is disrespectful to the other person and shameful...

To Dump or Not To Dump? That is the question

Aunty, no be only you get right right to dump pessin. You're not the queen of the universe. If you're dating someone and he...

Attraction does not a soulmate make – choosing the right partner

Just recently, I found out this lovely lady I really liked back then is married now. I was happy for her. She doesn't know...

Waiting for Love – The Right Way

Yesterday, I had a brief chat with someone in a group about waiting for love. I decided to put out something today that I...

Sigh…that moment when Naija Facebook ninjas are your marriage counsellors

Naija pipo, you people can be harsh sha! This marriage thing sef, is it by force?? So I read a topic on a Facebook group...