Toothpaste dey ever dey finish for tube?? Tales of “Le Struggle”


The toothpaste tube is completely flat from extreme, thorough squeezing, but you’re not dismayed. You’re not afraid. Neither are you discouraged. Because that small area around the mouth of the tube has enough toothpaste for the whole family that will last a week.

Squeezing that area demands strength. So you eat a mound of ugali and drink some Red Bull. You do some push-ups and lift some weights. Then using Jehovah as your main source of strength, you squeeze that area around the tube hard enough for some toothpaste to slither out. Only an iota of toothpaste will be coughed out, which is to say that, basically, you’ll brush your teeth with our own saliva and hidden food particles, but the distant taste of mint that iota will give is more than enough.

The tube is now mangled beyond recognition due to all the unnatural squeezing, and pressure and force exerted at every angle. But you are not shaken. You are not about to give up. You are a fighter and a conqueror. So you take a knife and cut the tube into two halves. And you sweep your toothbrush over the traces of toothpaste visible therein. The two halves will push you for another week.

For those of us who are not in the Forbes list of World’s Richest People, when our toothpaste is finished, it is not over til’ the good Lord says it is over.

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