VN Forum: What Do You Do When Three’s A Crowd?

the other friend

the other friend

Your partner’s best friend is a member of the opposite sex. They grew up on the same street and have been friends from kindergarten. They confide with each other on just about everything, and even though you have warned your partner severely to never tell them anything about y’all’s personal life, they still discuss just about everything else.

This is now making you really uncomfortable, but whenever you bring it up, it seems you’re the insecure one. Your partner seems to have lost patience in explaining it to you jejely and now the topic accelerates to a fight whenever you bring it up. Even family members try to convince you that you have nothing to worry about. They say if they would have dated/married, they would have done that way before you arrival on the scene.

Yet…you can’t shake the feeling that there are three of you in the relationship.

What do you do?

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