Black People Winning The Side Eye Game


I think giving the side side eye is innate to black people. I know this because Michelle Obama is the Legendary Queen of the Side Eye, and she’s as genteel as can be – the First Lady of the United States.

Michelle Obama giving you the stink eye over and over again.

As a child, you quickly understand what a mother’s side-eye means when you are at your aunt’s house and you’re reaching for one more piece of chocolate.

As a teenager, you understand a parent’s side eye that means “I know you’re lying but I don’t have power for your wahala right now otherwise ”

Newly married, you understand it from your wife when a pretty young thing walks past. It’s a dare “Look first. Noooo, you just turn and look. If I give you meat in your soup this month, call me a bastard!”

Middle aged, it’s that look you get from your doctor when you promise him you’ve totally cut out fried food from your diet, yet your belly is still all rotund.

But I’d like you to pause a minute and look at these instances of corner-eye greatness. When black people simply could not cope with the foolishness in front of them. This is not to say that we’re not capable of moments of spontaneity or great hilarity and fun; just that the people in these shots were not at home for all this on that day.

“Thank God I’ve graduated. I’m done here”
The man is saying to the security “No answer o. No just answer at all”
“See them!”
“Is this girl alright at all??”
My favourite part of this shot is the black man in the passing train like “Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?!”
“This isn’t life. This can’t be life.” And as for the girl in the background laughing, you’re not good kobo.
“Common tyre, you can’t change. Only to take picture you know. See dem.”
No words.
– So they have their phone and camera in the pool?? – Yes. Yes, they do.
“Shebi it’s to collect salary at month end? No problem.”
“Babe, we’ll leave as soon as I finish my drink, don’t worry”
This uncle is a corner eye LEGEND! Even his body is giving the side eye.

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