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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Natalie Ewaen A. Usen

Sweet, no-nonsense Natalie Usen is an entrepreneur who wears many hats. She is on a journey of evolution and invites you to join her. When she is not evolving, she enjoys reading, movies and nature. Everything Natalie does is about bettering yourself; every word she types is how you can do it bigger, better and live a more fulfilling life.

Pick Yourself Up No Matter The Price

I had a discussion with a friend with whom I was sharing some attitudes we women have that are not profitable. You know how we rather complain about issues rather than find solutions? Or...

Believe In Yourself: A Poem On Self Confidence

We will encounter people in life Those who define us by the mud in their eyes. These are those who would challenge your sense of worth And make you doubt; they erode your self worth. They come as...

I Refuse To Let The Bad Change The Good Inside Me

I have a policy: The "badness" of others should not make me bad. The selfishness of others should not turn me so. When others take advantage of my kindness or naiveté And treat me badly when I am...

The importance of Integrity

I'm surprised some people think integrity is a huge quality to ask of in a person you want to marry A person without integrity shouldn't even be your friend! Let's define integrity first: The quality of being...

Where did our senses go?

I am a Christian o and I love the Church and God's servants. I believe in the ones worth believing in. I'm not unaware some are full time charlatans, yes I said it. However,...

Let’s talk about entitlement

I'm walking on the road on Sunday and I hear one guy feeling holy in a Cele gown out call out , "Hello why didn't you go to church?" I keep walking. "Come I'm talking to you" I...

Learn to live above the din

It's almost the end of the year, many of us are already getting geared up for the festivities that comes with it. Like children, some of us have started to get new clothes, new...

Living life under pressure

So my friend and I went out, he said he needed to buy a body cream. I asked if it was for his wife or chic and he answered that his gf uses a...

Nigerians and our poor work ethic

Many people think Nigerians are hard workers but I've come to realise that the average Nigerian is very lazy, and not just lazy but opportunistic, selfish and manipulative. Anyway that's a story for another...