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Natalie Ewaen A. Usen

Sweet, no-nonsense Natalie Usen is an entrepreneur who wears many hats. She is on a journey of evolution and invites you to join her. When she is not evolving, she enjoys reading, movies and nature. Everything Natalie does is about bettering yourself; every word she types is how you can do it bigger, better and live a more fulfilling life.

Lessons for life from life

Life lessons Life has taught me a few things. I'm gonna share because it could help someone else out there: 1. Don't think the person who knows your deepest pains won't be the one to hurt...

Cower in my presence o mortal woman: A sarcastic look at patriarchy

It's no big deal he had sex on the first date. She's the slut who dared get laid on the first date. She got pregnant? What a careless woman who tried to trap him, gosh!...

Dear screenshot generation, let wisdom and loyalty guide you

Wisdom for your day Recently I found myself pleading the case of someone who barely knows me to keep his job. His employer who had treated him like a younger brother felt he had betrayed...

Parents please stop sexualizing your children

Protect your children I sat in church behind a lady and her three very beautiful daughters. There was a man at the end of her row who was obviously not related to her in any...

Don’t be afraid to let go

Letting go Today I want to thank every friend who treated me with levity regardless of how much I invested in them and our friendship. You guys taught me self love and acceptance, you opened my...

Three keys to inner peace and purpose

Inner peace and purpose 1. Don't be ashamed of what you do Your honest hustle even if it's sweeping streets 2. Don't be ashamed of where you're coming from Even if its a shack with no roof or...

How can two walk together except they agree?

Relationships If you want to settle down in the next 5 years and she wants to settle down in the next six months Please don't waste anyone's time, find the one who isn't thinking marriage like...

Never give up, you have what it takes

"Never give up!" If he was in Nigeria, he probably would have been made to believe there was something wrong with him. So he would have spent his time going from Church to Church seeking solutions. He...

Self Awareness: A key to personal liberty

Self Awareness The first book I wrote, I wrote it in Bini and showed it to my dad. The guy swore I copied it from somewhere and it was impossible I was the one that wrote...


I have four wonderful brothers so I cannot accept that #menaretrash. These boys are not wonderful just because they're my brothers but because they were raised to be responsible and honourable in their dealings with...