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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Letter to Nkechi Bianze in defence of the community penis and male infidelity

Sympathy for the Community Penis is what We Plead! Dear Nkechi....sorry, aunty Nkechi, This letter is in response to the wicked, wicked thing you did on Facebook a few days ago. Haba, aunty, why are you this...

Don’t despise a woman because of her gender

But, do You know that most Nigerian Men don't feel cool around Women with superior intelligence and income? My Male friend and colleague asked me how I would feel if my Woman earns more than...

What I will teach my daughters

I want to have daughters- biological and adopted. I want to watch them grow and instruct them myself. I want to tell them the truth. The basic truth that we have refused to tell women....

How Do You “Return” A Wife?

I started “working” and doing my little businesses immediately after secondary school. I still couldn’t foot all my bills with the few hundreds of naira that I was making, but at least, I didn’t...

Respecting personal boundaries

I have long chosen to respect people's freewill. Anybody that masquerades as anything in your life just to deprive you of the freedom to make personal choices doesn't mean you well. I am a feminist,...

When a father knows his daughter’s worth

When it was time for my elder sisters to leave the country for their university education, some of my maternal and paternal uncles told my father not to "waste" so much much money on...

Injustice To The Nigerian Girl Child (1)

One of the worst injustices done to the mind of the Nigerian girl is the idea that she is nothing without a man she calls a husband. Thus making the average girl to want...

Born a Feminist

Permit me a bit of narcissism. At a point in my life, I had to choose between Christianity and feminism. In order to remain true to myself, I chose the latter. A decision I've never...