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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Boy loses girlfriend to Wizkid at London Concert

Daddy G.O. schools young man who lost fiancee to musician

(A call for Daddy G.O.) - Hello, good morning, sir. G.O: Goomorin. Ta lo n'soro? - Tade. G.O: Tade! Hawayu, gad blesh you! How's the preparation going? Se eto n'lo? - I just want to inform you that I'm...
Bukola and Bunmi - 07 Oct 2017 - Sync

Governor Amosu, Oba Ogunleye, Alake, Oba Tejuosho, attend wedding of Bunmi Bankole

Olootu Bankole, the prominent founder of Mercyland Schools gave his daughter Architect Olubukola Bankole in holy matrimony to her long time fiance Architect Olubunmi Adeyemi.  The elaborate wedding took place on Saturday 7th of...

Nigerian striker Isaac Success arrested in UK hotel After Sex Orgy With 4 Prostitutes

Nigerian international Isaac Success was arrested by the UK police for allegedly assaulting four sex workers in a Hertfordshire hotel. According to reports, Success whose only on-pitch action this season was as a half-time substitute...

How Nollywood continues to misrepresent Nigerians

Let's talk about perception and what Nollywood has done to Nigeria. Writers and the new wave of film makers have a lot of work to do in repairing the thoughts about who we are...
Anointing oil hustle

Cunny man die; cunny man bury am! Daddy G.O. meets with shady businessman

(G.O in a business meeting with a man) G.O: So what is the business you have for us? I hope you know we are not a secular organisation o. Hope what you brought is gospuly?...
Mazi Abe and Buhari

mazi abe updates Buhari on Naija shenanigans as the president returns from UK MOT

Good morning, Bubu! I read you came back from your MOT service in the abroad yesterday.  Alhamdulillahi! I am sure you came back with all your shock absorbers, pistons and balls well oiled. Sorry, I mean...
British Airways Stewardess sacked for racist comments

I’m glad British Airways stewardess got sacked but I’m a Virgin kinda guy

I can't believe any well travelled Nigerian will try to make a case for the sacked British Airways stewardess accused of making a racist video. That is even scratching the surface. Orisirisi stories abound of how...

About persistent hawkers

persistence The business people at bus stations who hawk things, and have drinking water, biscuits, sweets, peanuts, and other snacks all arranged meticulously in a ka basin, I want their persistence. They come to your window,...
volonte-photographer - man in dark park

Mad Men: prodigal son Kanu and a house called Crisis

The Father and son that turned "home" into python soup. "Kanu! Kanu!! Where are you?" father calls out to his son. The younger man walks in grumbling and rolling his eyes, "Yes, Daddy?" "Why have you...
Funny observations

A talent for having things we would not ordinarily have

Funny observations You have a blue Omo or Harpic t-shirt, but you use Ariel or Sunlight washing powder, and Vim for your toilet. You have no idea how those t-shirts came to your possession but...

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