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Sunday, June 25, 2017
tejuosho market

The scourge of Igbo traders and their misogynistic ‘touchery’ of female customers

Igbo traders grab prospective clients indiscriminately. This is fact and it should not turn into a tribal tussle. Grabbing people in the name of trade is not only a menace but should be punished. There...

Alcohol is sweeter than working out. Man facts by James Famo

Do not listen to the people who tell lies about endorphins and feel-good hormones being released in the gym. This was not our writer's experience at all as you will soon see below: So I'm...

Funny, Bizarre, and Downright Mental: Nigerian Church Banners

I won't even try to imagine what happens in the minds of the pastors or their graphic designers. I'm just going to lay this ever so gently right here for your viewing pleasure. Featuring epic...

Christianity and the Nigerian: What does Church mean to me?

What does Church mean to me? Is it a building? A place you are meant to get all dressed up to the nines every Sunday? My Christianity is very simple. I got born again as a...
Dino Melaye Convocation

Apostu Suleman, Dino Melaye and Social Media PR, the devil’s workshop

"Fadalud! My shest! Lord, make it stop, make it stop Father" na so I dey para dey pray when I dey watch Mummy Lizzy and Apostle Suleiman on the music video. Who would expect this...

HAHA: Apostle Suleman’s wife, Lizzy, releases love song to stand by him [WATCH VIDEO]

As we type this, we don't really know yet, where to categorize this particular piece. Under comedy, lifestyle, or probably, fiction? Well, in the thick of the whole Stephanie Otobo and sex scandal(s) rocking the...
Danielle Okeke and her Jeep

In these trying times, going into Nollywood might be the only sure banker o!

(Uncle Lagos and his niece) Uncle: Pele jare n tie Moyodi. Moyo: Ah ha uncle. My name is Moyo, not Moyodi. Uncle: Wareva. Anyway, kini re n se bayi? Where do you work now? Moyo: I'm still searching...
mazi abes corner - final

Omo, navy recruitment no be yam o! I joined and nearly died!

Even though I couldn't swim, I still decided to tag along with my friend Boma to the Naval recruitment centre in Borokiri, Port Harcourt, just for the fun of it. Just for the fun of...

Daddy G.O gets propositioned by a “night entrepreneur”

(Daddy G.O in his hotel room after ministration and a call comes in) G.O: Hello. God blesh you. Who is speaking? Betty: Good evening sir. My name is Betty G.O: God blesh you Betty. Awayu? Betty: I'm fine...
#IStandWithNigeria protest and strike

Yes, #IStandWithNigeria, but those who should heal Nigeria are abroad

Today the streets of Lagos was filled with those who have not had a chance to leave this hell-hole. We were all doing #IStandWithNigeria, but I bet if tickets were handed out at Ojuelegba...

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