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Saturday, August 19, 2017


I must confess that I never enjoyed waking up early as an employee. I played it by the ear until I started having babies and had to do school and nursery runs.  I developed...
stop advertising

You need to stop advertising if you really want to sell!

A lot of people ask me questions about selling and getting more traction on their blog. Everyone is looking for that juju that attracts click-throughs. If I told you there have been days we...

Six Smart Ways to Make Money From Your Knowledge

Making money Knowledge is power!  It can bring multiple solutions to so many people all around the world and bring you profit too. The power resident in what you know has infinite potential, but it...
Target Market

Proven Ways to Clearly Define Your Target Market.

Who is your target market? The first time someone asked me this question, I got a right hump.  I replied defensively “I am a new business owner, who just wants to sell to anyone...
CcHub Diaspora Challenge

Idea meets investment – join the CcHUB Diaspora Challenge

We’re back with a reminder that you that time is running out to submit an idea that could be Africa's next disruptive start-up. With access to up to $265K in funding, the CcHUB Diaspora Challenge is...
Action Plan

Don’t Just Set A Goal; Make An Action Plan

Defining your goal is the first step to reaching it and it’s crucial to define it correctly.  But you’ll never reach your goal unless you create an action plan to get there. An action plan...
Rotimi Williams Kereksuk Rice Farms

Rotimi Williams, owner of 2nd largest rice farm in Nigeria: rice, research and raw...

There is a lot to be said for invincibility, the feeling that against all odds, you will just keep soldiering through until you get what you want. This is exactly who Rotimi Williams is...

South Africa joins Nigeria in recessionary trends, economy experiences unusual downturn

Just when we would have loved to have one African nation on the high road to development, South Africa seems to be the proverbial child who has refused to learn from other people's mistakes....

Do You Shy Away From Marketing Your Business?

I know marketing can get cumbersome for us solopreneurs/small business owners but it is the lifeline of our businesses. Marketing is to business what food is to our bodies.  If we do not market our...
Choosing the right idea

Multiple Ideas Syndrome – How Do I Choose The Right One?

Choosing the right Idea Does your Idea Bank look like an overflowing sink? Stacked to the rafters, an array of dirty dishes begging to be cleaned? Are you collecting all sorts of ideas but still...

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