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Monday, November 20, 2017

#InternationalDayOfTheGirlChild: how we can help her survive this unfair world

#InternationalDayOfTheGirlChild: I have always had this idea that girls are endangered, even by the very forces of nature. It may sound ridiculous to say girls need to be educated for humanity to survive, but...
Repping Naija at the TAWA Chillout - Birthday and Independence Day Special

TAWA Chillout: Nigerian Independence Day and Birthday Special

I’ve always held the impression that the ties that bind us together as Nigerians are stronger than our differences. Regardless what the sudden influx of Nigerian Jews will have you believe, an Igbo man...
Pa JOS Ayomike - Mrs MO Kpiasi - Mrs Ayomike

Itsekiri Kingdom loses an icon as Pa JOS Ayomike passes at 90

A dark cloud as passed over the Itsekiri Kingdom today as one of her leading figures and historians has passed. Pa JOS Ayomike finally rested in a Warri private hospital at about 9pm on Wednesday,...
TEDxEuston - Identity Feature

TEDxEuston presents IDENTITY: first student event during Black History Month

Self-description usually begins with the letter 'I'. It shows ownership. It helps us explain who we are, what we do, where we are and why we are. But sometimes, when we try to describe ourselves, we...
Dawn of Thunder Indiegogo

Dawn of Thunder Indiegogo now LIVE! Please give generously!

The story of Sango - THE BADDEST GUY EVER LIVETH! - now has the opportunity to get told told in properly! Crowdfunding - Dawn of Thunder Indiegogo has officially been launched! You can become...

NIGERIANS DOING AMAZING THINGS! Meet Folafoluwa Oginni, best graduating student Hertfordshire University United Kingdom.

Today marks yet another milestone in the life of Oginni Folafoluwa Mary a native of Ilesha Osun state as she adds another Feather to her cap. Emerging as the overall best student of the...
Sango - The Animation

Finally! Sango gets the treatment it deserves in this breathtaking animation

Komotion Studios STAND UP! You did the very thing we have been clamouring for for years and you did it amazingly! Our gods! Our myths! The legends of our lands out here in awesome...
Ado Awaye - Oyo State -5

Awe-striking ADO AWAYE – home of inimitable wonders!

Located 20 kilometers west of Iseyin and with Benin Republic to its other bight, the richly historic town of Adó Àwáyè in Oyo state is a pride to behold from every angle possible. The...
Aerial shot of Palms shopping Mall and Ring Road, Ibadan. Photo credit: Tolani Alli

IBADAN: The Changing times | Sayo Aluko

Two nights ago, when Adetunji called to inform me that he was relocating (back) to Ibadan from Lagos, the excitement in his voice instantly found family in a thought that has found seat in...
Summer edition of the TAWA Chillout on the Tereza Joanne

When the TAWA Chillout took Tereza Joanne on her virgin voyage!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today’s lesson is titled: despise ye not the days of humble beginnings! Many of you might not be aware that the TAWA Chillout started in a little bar...

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