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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Do you know how these places got their names? Yoruba place names and their...

Yoruba cities have some of the most fascinating, intriguing names, but have you ever wondered where they came from? Beautiful Yorubaland gives us the history behind some of the names we say everyday. OSOGBO was...
Nike Just Do It

Monday Motivation: 10 Inspiring Zero-to-Hero stories that scream “Just do it!”

When it comes to achieving great success, it’s rarely a smooth ride. But some people in particular had to face great adversity and succeeded to get to the very top against all the odds....
Sayo - Ogboju ode ninu igbo irunmale -2

Ògbójú Ọdẹ nínú Igbó Irúnmalẹ̀ – not just a fairy tale after all!

There's a tale locked deep in Yoruba folklore, growing up, we were told about it. That, long loun loun time ago, there used to be an "igbo irunmale"! A grisly forest of demons, ghoul and...
Men dressed in traditional clothes ride horses during Durbar festival in Kano

10 wonderful Nigerian festivals that make us proud of our culture!

Culture is something that can divide or bind, depending on what you choose to make of it, but something that has always made Nigeria unique - nay, made Nigeria great! - are the festivals...

Passion and genetics fuelling a Nigerian surge in U.S. sports

These are the stories that I live for because they show that we are not all Evans the kidnapper or drug dealers. Yes, Nigerians excel at things too and this should be noted. Wizkid...
Airtel Touching Lives Nigeria - Oremeji Primary School

Airtel Touching Lives Nigeria taking corporate social responsibilities to new heights

See me o! And the whole time, I thought the only thing telcos do was to take your recharge money and give you fair/nonexistent/patchy/excellent coverage. Come to find out that some of them actually...
CcHub Diaspora Challenge

Idea meets investment – join the CcHUB Diaspora Challenge

We’re back with a reminder that you that time is running out to submit an idea that could be Africa's next disruptive start-up. With access to up to $265K in funding, the CcHUB Diaspora Challenge is...

17 images that will make you crave a visit to Northern Nigeria

It's not all about the single-story of bombs, violence, terrorism and crudity....No, in fact, northern Nigeria was never about these violent representation she's now being unfortunately pitted with. She is actually beautiful. These 17...
Nigerian woman threaded hair

Ultimate #ThrowbackThursday – 50 pictures of Nigeria giving us nostalgia, pride and hope

A #ThrowbackThursday worth doing is always worth doing well, so as this is the last day of the year, we thought - why stop at looking at the past year? Why not look back...

Benin City – the red soil city that left Europeans in awe

This is the story of a lost medieval city you’ve probably heard about and yet never knew of its greatness. Benin City, originally known as Edo, was once the capital of a pre-colonial African...

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