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Sunday, June 25, 2017

4 hilarious memes showing life in an ajepako school

Hilarious memes Ajepako (adjective): A non pampered life. Antonym of Ajebutter "See as she dey pretend like say no be ajepako she be!" 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Alcohol is sweeter than working out. Man facts by James Famo

Do not listen to the people who tell lies about endorphins and feel-good hormones being released in the gym. This was not our writer's experience at all as you will soon see below: So I'm...

Funny, Bizarre, and Downright Mental: Nigerian Church Banners

I won't even try to imagine what happens in the minds of the pastors or their graphic designers. I'm just going to lay this ever so gently right here for your viewing pleasure. Featuring epic...
Enjoy some bread this easter

Jesus loves bread and so do I

Enjoy some bread this Easter So some time ago a delightful friend of mine  announced that she has been avoiding bread because reasons. Now that got me a little curious and I did a quick google search...
Man Choosing Panties

Buy lingerie for your wife, they said. Now I am in jail cell! What...

I was in a romantic mood today, so as I was doing some small small shopping, I thought of madam. They always say to buy lingerie for your wife, so that's how me too, I stopped...

Happy mother’s day…but it’s like we’re celebrating women everyday now o!

Aaaaaah aaaaaaaahh!! Happy Mother's Day again??? Shebi we still celebrated something for them 10 minutes ago? Oginni?? Just yesterday, they told us, Valentine's Day. We bought perfume, we bought flower! The following day, they came up with "International Day...

4 lessons a Nigerian mum will teach you

Nigerian mums are wonderful! Just wonderful! Very very wonderful! Living with a Naija mum is going to leave you with many lessons that will shape your life in all sorts of ways and today we are going...

mazi abe’s side: I think I’ll add “Apostle” to my name and see if...

With all this Apostle Suleman wahala, I was toying with temporarily changing my Facebook name to Apostle Mazi Abe.  Jus-to test my pulling power, you understand. And see how many jeep and house requests I will...
Anointing Oil

Just for Laughs: Anointing Oil is here to solve all your relationship problems!

Sooooooooooo I HAS (yes HAS) come again! Women in the house I present to you the solution to all ya relationship and marital problems!!! POWER ON THE ALTAR ANOINTING OIL!!! (POTA!!!) Just follow the handy guide below,...
a wanton pastor

A pastor, his fellowship and the prostitute he tried to stiff

A wanton pastor During a fellowship in Pastor's house, where Pastor could be heard emotionally leading a worship song, a woman angrily banged on the door, loudly demanding that Pastor come out and pay her....

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