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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Facebook reactions

Other Facebook reactions Nigerians desperately need from Mark Zuckerberg! 😂

Thanks so much to Mark Zuckerberg for the new Facebook "thankful" 🌸button. Facebook reactionS buttons make self expression so much easier! Beht...erm...here are some suggestions for additional buttons: 1. We need the YINMU button as a matter...
Bro code

Some thoughts on the “Bro code”

Soooooooooo A few days ago I learnt that it is "unthinkable" for a guy to date a girl his friend used to date. Apparently it is also "bad manners" for a guy to go after...

5 signs you are in a Nigerian hospital

Nigerians typically do not like going to the hospital (why go when a quick trip to the mallam for Panadol will fix the issue?) but as it happens there are times when we eventually...
African mother

When an African mother is punishing you

If you were raised by an African mother, then you know that before beating you, she might ask you a question or two. She already knows all the answers, so you had better not...
Differences between men and women

16 differences between men and women in infographics

This is as hilarious as it is true, men are indeed from Mars,  women? Jupiter! Ha-ha! No wonder they say men and women come from different planets. Our way of thinking is so different that sometimes it’s very difficult...
I was Tipsy

That time I was tipsy

I was tipsy. I was high. And I was feeling hungry. So I went to a nearby food kiosk to buy some food. This particular quest went swimmingly, but it got interesting on my...
Husband Material

Testing his Husband Material

Husband Material So, I met this guy in my final year at Uni. He was cute, intelligent and he managed to tick all the boxes. After dating him for a while, I realized that he has...

The Book of Jeremy Corbyn – Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

And it came to pass, in the land of Britain, that the High Priestess went unto the people and said, Behold, I bring ye tidings of great joy. For on the eighth day of...
odunlade adekola news memes

WARNING: Don’t view these 16 Odunlade Adekola memes in public or else…! [+Video where...

We have seen this particular expression practically everywhere, so much it has become a meme staple, an A-list meme sauce! It has been used to depict sheer surprise, rude shock, and/or blatant disdain in...

4 hilarious memes showing life in an ajepako school

Hilarious memes Ajepako (adjective): A non pampered life. Antonym of Ajebutter "See as she dey pretend like say no be ajepako she be!" 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

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