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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Handsome black man

Divorced and not ashamed – by Olugbenga O’Shine

"I am Divorced" Until my phone was picked from my pocket that fateful day, at the entrance of my church, sometime in August 2005, I used to look at those who had their mobile phones...
Femi Aribisala - YouTube

Femi Aribisala is right! In the call for Biafra, Ndigbo should consider our love...

Supporting Femi Aribisala's call for a United Southern Nigeria, Ndigbo should consider those Yorubas that are in love with the daughters of Ojukwu. I just read Femi Aribisala's take on the Biafran struggle; Mr Aribisala,...
bad-gifts - Father's Day

You see how these women are trying to steal our Father’s Day from us??

Hmmmmmmm...it's Father's Day, and these women still won't let us have peace. Haba, women like to exaggerate sha! "I carried your child for nine months!!" Na all them be nine months. Hian! When you check well, many of them na...
Tonto Dikeh - Husband - Father's Day

Tonto Dikeh, Father’s Day, and mums playing dads

(A call) Woman: Hello Man: Hello Woman: It's me... Man: eh hen, I know it's you Woman: Whatever. Anyway, why haven't you transferred the money for your son's support? I haven't seen this month's alert. Man: I know you'll call....

The #HalleluyahChallenge, Facebook fights and Nigerians on religion

What we must understand about the movement of God in the life of an individual and in communities, is that when truly harnessed, this is a force for change like no other. Truly repentant...
Nigerian House help

The definitive guide of how to hire domestic staff in Nigeria – Ifeoma Malo

1. Due Diligence I learnt to interview from the Americans. It is not Q and A type interview... it is a conversation. When people feel you are interested in them; they will give you details...

The curious and beautiful signs of Being British

Being British is certainly not a matter of blood - there are second generation Brits who feel more like citizens of their original homeland as a result of their home life than they do...
Nigerian woman threaded hair

Ultimate #ThrowbackThursday – 50 pictures of Nigeria giving us nostalgia, pride and hope

A #ThrowbackThursday worth doing is always worth doing well, so as this is the last day of the year, we thought - why stop at looking at the past year? Why not look back...
Appearance - what is on the outside is different from the inside

May appearance and packaging not kill us in this country 🙄

Verily verily, I say unto una, the wobe is under attack. Your dear street kid can’t go to work in regular clothes no more, now he has to wear those coats that all those bank...

A few thoughts on submission

Let me just make something real clear here for you men in church making noise about submission. If you yourself are not submitted to Christ, you have no reason to mention that passage about...

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