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Monday, November 20, 2017
TBOSS Dino melaye

TBoss spotted with Dino Melaye

But, we want to 'h-ask', does this mean that Dino Melaye has private jet, or just that TBoss has found new love with all those Dino's toy cars? Oga Reuben Abati, coman chee chumtin...
Apostle Suleman and his girls -6

Loose lips sink ships: the pastors, their mistresses, and the problem with discretion

Oh, y'all thought it was over? It is only just popping awwwwf! Look, igboro ti daru, make no mistake. It's like Apostu Suleman has more cars than Coscharis, more whores than a German brothel,...
BRT driver stabbed in oshodi

19-year old stabs BRT driver, steals N13, 500

Thankfully, the fool is being tried for this crime borne out of laziness. A 19-year-old unemployed man, Mathew Obong, who allegedly attacked and stabbed a Bus Rapid Transport driver with a knife at Oshodi was...

Frank Artus, Char Hanssen and the special place in hell reserved for ungrateful debtors

There is nothing worse than an ungrateful debtor. This is not the same as a debtor who cannot pay back. This is about debtors who, after begging and pleading for the money; when it's...
#MemeHistory Feature

Some epic posts from the #MemeHistory Twitter hashtag

The Naija Twitterati are hands down the citizens of the best Twitter community out there and the new trending hashtag, #MemeHistory is further proof of that! When you do wrong, they will drag you through filth...

Tales from my plot: It’s hard being a godly man with the women in...

Being a man in some of these our plots can be very testing, I imagine. You leave your house in the morning to go to, say, church, since you are a youth leader or a...
forehead rihanna

How I was nearly delivered from the evil spirits in my forehead

Long ago, in primary school, a friend who was very concerned about the disturbing size of my forehead (she actually thought it was an impairment of sorts), suggested that I put slices of tomatoes...
Pastor's wife

Tales from my plot: The battle for Pastor’s wife

Mafisi Sacco members are a special lot. Now, since Pastor's wife is 'single', Aleki suddenly got saved, and, to better understand the role of Jesus Christ in his life, he insisted on being made an...
pastor and landlord wife

Tales from my plot: Pastor CAUGHT red-handed with Landlord’s wife!

This afternoon, Pastor's wife arrived home unexpectedly from an outreach in upcountry to find the large, light-skinned thighs of Landlord's wife around her husband's waist, pelvises grinding together in forbidden passion, and the rotating...
Orobo girls fitfam for what

Forget Fitfam, are we back in the orobo era?!

Wait oh country people, e be like say the Orobo era is back oh. You know say all these Lepashandi fitfam thing na just millennial trend especially for Africa, and so, like I said, it...

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