Sex, like death, is inevitable, so why don’t we talk about it?

Except you are impotent or, well, dead. This is a certain part of life that we refuse to embrace. I have seen sex mess up a lot of things. I have also had close calls...
jennifer-hudson-david-otunga-david-daniel-jr - feature

Do long engagements work? Jennifer Hudson breaks up with long term fiance David Otunga

This sounds awful to say, but I am not at all surprised that this couple ended up here. Lord of the Rings and Miss Thang have been engaged since 19-kpiridim, and I've never even...
What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around Nigerian married women will be crying that their husbands are cheating on them... “All men cheat” and all, but I recently got to learn that MOST of you slept with...

Who has more Trust Issues, men or women?

The greatest barrier to emotional intimacy in a relationship is the struggle around trust. Where there’s no trust, there’s no love, which is a painful truth for people with trust issues. No matter how patient you can be Trust...
Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo

Full-time housewives are failures? Pastor Funke Adejumo, a word please.

Dear Madam Funke Adejumo ma, good morning. I just saw that video ma, and I understand your passionate desire to teach self-sufficiency to women, but ma, you need to chill. Ha! Ma, you need to...
Everything isnt about marriage

Everything isnt about marriage

My parents made sure we all took part in chores at home. No one was exempt and we even had specific days when we did our own environmental sanitation at home, where we would...
Wisdom for your relationships

Dear sir go and better yourself instead of looking for a woman to control

Wisdom for your relationships I have dated someone who was earning 8 times my salary and I am not joking. Eight freaking times what I was getting a month. Some of you think you have...
Kevin Hart blackmail issue

Never negotiate with terrorists: Kevin Hart gives us a masterclass on dealing with blackmail

Kevin Hart has been having a bastard of a time recently. Someone's tried to blackmail him in an extortion attempt, claiming they had video proof that the pint-sized comedian doing the nast-ay with some...
Serena Williams open letter to mum

Serena Williams writes emotional open letter to her mother

It is said that becoming a parent makes you regard your own parents in a whole new light, and it would seem that this has come true for Serena Williams - the newest mother...
choose love and value

Choose someone that loves and values you

Choose love and value You see the very beautiful and resourceful wives of some of these men who abuse and belittle them then add adultery on top and you start wondering if the man is...

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