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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.

Obaseki on Olamide Science Student

Nigerian decay: Olamide Science Student or Nigerian leaders?

- Your excellency, sir... - Yes director, how are you? - I'm very well sir. Just a quick one sir. - Yes I'm listening..... - I just want to call your attention to a song that I think...
Tolani alli

I want to change world’s views about Africa through my lens —Tolani Alli

When she was asked about what kind of photography she does, she answered saying "limitless photography". How audaciously witty, that! Well, she's determined to serve Africa and Nigeria to us in ways never seen...
Business tip

Business tip: Running other businesses down won’t help your brand

Business tip: Some people think that running the other business down helps their brand. Perhaps in a sense it may make them more visible and spark up conversation and debate about why their own brand...
Indomie and egg by 9jafoodie

On The Matter Lof Indomie Hàn Hegg! A man’s tale of trying to eat...

Hunger is perhaps the most efficient tool of Poverty. Its wicked ability to make the most undesirable suddenly turn desirable is sufficiently magical! It's the sadistic effect of waterboarding; whereupon a thirsty man forced...

Do NOT let Trump tell you your country is a shithole!!!

I look at some people rushing to agree their country (and continent) is a 'shithole', and I simply shake my head. There is a lot both right and wrong with the West, but even a...
A true woman

A true woman?

A true woman This was part of a conversation I had with a guy sometime ago: Me: you really need someone to help with chores. Washing, cooking, cleaning. You can't focus on all these and work. Him:...
Funke Akindele Avengers

So Jenifa is not in Afenjas after all. But is it all bad news?

Nigeria collectively clutched her pearls when we heard that our very own Jenifa, aka Funke Akindele, was not in fact in the upcoming Hollywood superhero film "Avengers: Infinity War". What was this travesty? Who approved this...

Dear God why the mosquito?

Are you there God? It's me Dotun. I'm sorry to bother you on your off day but I need to get something off my underdeveloped chest. God I see your handiwork in creation and I...

Who be dat craze man wey talk say Nigeria na shithole?!

Nigeria is not a shithole-- It's just a thing of pride for us that 89 million out of 198 million of us are living in abject poverty and the number keep increasing by day. Nigeria is...
Funke Akindele Avengers

Funke Akindele makes Hollywood debut as she’s cast in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

It will be the first time a Nigerian-born actor will appear in a Hollywood superhero movie, and that's quite amazing. Funke Akindele Bello has reportedly made her Hollywood debut in Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War”. The...

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