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So much hypocrisy, much wow

Such Hypocrisy There's a photo going round, that of a woman holding a placard saying she's looking for a (white) husband, and has three children....

Parents please stop sexualizing your children

Protect your children I sat in church behind a lady and her three very beautiful daughters. There was a man at the end of her...

TruLittle Hero Awards 2017! Do you know a young hero?

The TruLittle Hero Awards is an event organised by Cause 4 Children Limited with the support of London Borough of Newham and National Lottery....

Humans are equal as humans

There's this elderly man that worked temporarily as a driver for my mum. I met him when I went home in 2013. We got into...

Marriage scares the hell out of me

The thought of marriage scares the hell out of me. This is worse because of the fact that I'm a compulsive loner. The thought of...

Raising Bilingual Children in Diaspora

I remember growing up as a young girl in Lagos, and we had cousins that were never spoken to in Yoruba. I thought it...

We should never denigrate a woman’s chosen path

A stay-at-home mom is not inferior to a career mom. Purpose isn't people-defined. It is self-defined, even if it is people-based. This means that...

TruLittle Hero Awards 2016: Celebrating Our Young Heroes!

TruLittle Hero Awards is an event that is not for profit being put together by Cause 4 Children Limited with the support of London...

Remarrying 4 months after the death of a spouse: Right? Wrong?

There is a story doing the rounds on social media at the moment - a widower with 2 kids who lost both wife and...

TruLittle Hero Awards 2015: celebrating achievements, rewarding excellence!

On Saturday, 28th November, 2015, TruLittle Hero Awards lit up the East London community as many young people and their families flooded The Discovery Centre...