The day Bro Samson left the darkness and walked into the entrepreneurial light


(2 prayer hooligans chatting after rounding off a prayer session)

Bro Paul: A kuu prayer, bro. May the God of Israel answer us.

Bro Samson: Amen! That was pawafu. Mo feel e. O gba yagiyagi lara mi.

Bro Paul: (Smiles) Bro Samson, you and these your slangs sha. Which one is that again?

(Bro Samson gets wind of a strange smell):

Hmmmpfff….Bro Paul can you smell that? Se gbo oorun yen?

Bro Paul: hmmpff…not really?

Bro Samson: Ha ha…e o gbo ke?! Oorun to strong bayi!

Bro Paul: Hmmpff…well all I can smell is like maybe they are burning bush around….

Bro Samson: “Is like maybe they are burning bush…”?! Bro Paul, are we located inside a forest? Bush ko, Obama ni. Ko si nkankan ti e mo. There’s nothing you know at all! You are too spiritual.

Bro Paul: So what’s now smelling?

Bro Samson: Igbo! Superior weed!

Bro Paul: Chisos! Igbo ke?!

(Bro Samson goes to check):

Bro Paul: Bro Samson, what did you find?

Bro Samson: Bro Paul, can you believe it that awon bodyguards G.O lo n fa igbo ni carpark sha!

Bro Paul: Blud of Haggai! How can G.O allow these sinners to be guarding him? Let’s go there and deal with them. I’m very angry in my speeret right now!

Bro Samson? Go where?! You berra siddan and humble your speeret, ke ma lo jiya. Ajekun iya nio je!

Bro Paul: Is this how we’ll be looking?

Bro Samson: Beeni o. But na we go reset our brain.

Bro Paul: Reset how?

Bro Samsom: G.O don format our brain and we have to reset it. G.O is selling wristband, apron, stickers and t-shirts to us as protection, but he’s using human beings as his own protection. What does that tell you? Is it not the same t-shirt pastor Ebenezer was wearing and 3 women still raped him? Didn’t Sis Evelyn have the sticker on her car yet it was stolen clean? Have they even found it? Bro Paul, e je ka ja ara wa o.

Bro Paul: Anyway, it’s time for our prayers. E je ka bere another session.

Bro Samson: Go and start…I’ll meet you in front, bro.


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